Alfredo Cernadas. Buenos Aires Herald

Many artists seem to paint the same picture over the years, only adding some variation here and there as time goes by. Not so Poupée Tessio, as can be appreciated in the catalogue-book of her latest exhibition. Indeed, it seems as if several different artists were lodged in her spirit, such is the variety of subjects that she has been broaching, from classic portraits to stormy images, multicoloured ensemble figurative pictures to almost monochrome abstract creations, humour or drama, people and animals. And lots of women, all in several techniques, which she masters. Now she exhibits abstract paintings orgiastically combined in turmoils of oil, pastel, ink and collage – in a limited palette: blue, black, green, grey, ivory.

They range from small to huge, but all are overwhelmingly dynamic. Explosive, actually: they give the impression of a dam that has just burst, its contents hitting against a rocky bottom, flowing furiously, shattering whatever lies in its way. These turmoils, veritable forests of pointed, aggressive graphisms, also includes fantastic, at times snake-like beings or legendary monsters engaged in apparently ceremonial activities to the sounds of Prokoviev at his wildest or Varèse at his most deafening. The general effect is frankly overpowering, no matter what the size of the work. Impressive, shattering creations.

Marzo 2013

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